Friday, 7 October 2011

TV Shows and Crap

Not really sure what to call this post, I'm terrible with coming up with titles and names for things.

This weeks television has been quite good for the most part, caught up on everything I normally watch. Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother and Two and a half Men, mixed feelings about some of the shows, but here we go, I'll try to stay as spoiler free as I can but bare in mind it's been a week since half of this aired:

Breaking Bad 

Over the past few weeks the show has been amazing. Some of the best episodes in television I've seen in a long long time. The acting is phenomenal, the plot is amazing and takes so many twists and turns, so many things you just don't expect to happen at all, happen.

The scene of tension is always there glooming over the show and you could just cut it with a knife right now, it's so bad ass it's really hard to describe just how good it is right now. I'm so hyped for the season finale this Sunday/Monday (Monday for me when it airs.)

Doctor Who

Season finale was last Saturday, it was good, but a lot of people weren't satisfied with it and felt like it was to "eh, well, we needed to end the season, so we did this and y'know it's kinda predictable and whatever, but yeah!" - I guessed it wouldn't be the real him who got shot by the Astronaut (trying to stay away from specifics) and a lot of people did too, but I didn't expect him to pull it off the way he did before the episode started, the moment he encountered the way he pulled off faking his death made it become SO SO obvious how he was going to do it, I felt like the scene where he went back and asked for "one small thing" from them was just a big "HURRR DID YOU NOT GET IT?" moment to the viewers, it was self explanatory... Then again, kids watch it I guess and maybe they didn't catch it.

The whole question the silence were asking was... kinda dumb? I guess... I mean (SPOILER AHEAD) the title of the show? Really? "Doctor WHO? Doctor WHO?" that's the question you make for one of the most bad ass enemies in the history of the series? The question that they had to kill him for? ...Yeah explanation is required please, thanks Moffat.

It was a good episode though, really growing fond of Matt Smith as the Doctor. I was iffy around him being the Doctor at first, but I grew to it eventually. A lot of people are Tennant kids these days, I'm more of a Tom Baker kinda guy myself, but I have to say Matt is becoming a very likable second favorite over the past season for myself.

How I Met Your Mother

Since this season started, I've kinda been finding it difficult to get back into the show. The whole charm and humor of it is all still there, but I feel like something is missing. I can't place what it is, but somethings different about the show.

I'm enjoying the episode. I think, personally, there's shows where you watch something when you eat, and shows you watch when you need to pay full concentration to them. How I Met Your Mother, for me, is a show I can watch when I'm eating. I tend to watch it when I'm eating dinner or lunch, depending on what day I remember to watch it on. (Oh internet, I love being able to watch shows on you whenever I please.)

I'm not sure how long they can stretch this show out for to be honest, it's getting to the point where I've seen a lot of people say "Hey buddy... so uh, when you going to introduce Ted's wife into the scene and uh... make his life get really crazy and stuff?" which, I guess... I can agree with? I mean, the show is 7 Seasons in, and for a normal show, that's pretty darn far into the lifespan of the show, especially a comedy show. But how I met your mother has been so successful in both America and the UK that I'm not surprised it's on it's 7th season, it's good, it's funny where it has to be and it has a sense of charm and talent that's been lacking in a lot of comedy shows over the past couple of decades.

I really don't have a lot to say on this show, since it's just starting it's new Season, in the past seasons though, I've really enjoyed the development of the characters, to the point where theres somewhat followings of certain actors just because they're in this show. Especially Barney, oh my god Neil has so many crazy fans because of this show. The show is super awesome, and it's definitely my favorite show to watch when I'm eating or trying to chillax.

Two and a half Men

Oh my god what have they done to this show... It is SO SO SO BAD now. I'm not enjoying the new season at all.

It's derailed into nothing but penis jokes and Walden/Ashton being a pathetic wreck whilst Alan still continues to leech off someone. The explanation for Charlie's death was pathetic, Jake barely showed any sort of emotion to Charlie being dead... Infact, the kid has BARELY been in the show at all this season!

I watched the newest episode on... I want to say Tuesday(?) might have been Wednesday though and it was CRAP! I honestly cannot see this show lasting another season. I don't understand how this show was the #1 most viewed comedy show in America. I really don't. I even tried to go back and watch some of the older episodes with Sheen in them and my mind is blown by how crappy they were too!

What the hell was I watching? What the hell were we all watching?!

...Yeah I'm going to continue to watch the rest of the season just to see if it improves, why not, I've already followed it up to this point so I may as well continue... But it really is bad. If you don't watch two and a half men and you didn't watch it before, please, stay away from this and go watch another show. It's really crap now.

It's 2:29AM here, I'm getting kind of tired. Been having crap sleeps all week, not sure why. I've got a video recorded, but I have to edit it in Vegas, I'll do that at some point tomorrow and upload it. Plan to get a few videos out this week of Galaxy, kinda getting into the habbit of doing 4-6 Stars a video. Haven't done the Math on how long it would take me to get to 120, but I'm sure it wouldn't be that long. The parts end up being 20 minutes a piece though, which I know is a long time to watch a video, so I appreciate everyone who's watching these, it's not my favorite game to be playing so understand if I sound less enthused by this game than some of my others.

Still waiting on my youtube confirmation e-mail, but the company I'm partnered with assured me earlier this week that I should receive it sometime soon and that they're working really hard to push it forward for me. They've been cool with everything they've done for me so far, so I'm really grateful for their help and how much they're going out of the way for me. Congrats to everyone else I know who's got partner recently too.

This blog will probably be more of a "Spur of the moment" thing than a daily thing, like I said, I write a lot of crap when I actually get going, so being a daily thing probably wouldn't work for readers and myself for typing it up. Not enough happens in my internet life to type it up daily.

Thanks again guys.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Yeah, so...

I went ahead and made this, I actually have quite a lot I'd like to post on this right now, but it's actually getting pretty late here. I've got to be up and ready to go in less than 6 hours... probably not the greatest idea in the world to be creating a blog right now, but eh, what the hell. I'll make one anyway.

Wow, that was weird, learning about how this thing works already... It totally wouldn't let me hit the enter key to take a new paragraph for a second... it was one of those moments where you're like "Oh no.. please don't tell me it's not actually going to work the way I want it to work..." when you try something new or you try to make something new work for you.

..Bah it did it again, I guess I'll just have to live with it and re-correct my cursor placement after I tap enter twice. Whatever, I'll learn to deal with it.

Still, I'm really interested in actually having a place to write all my thoughts about what I want to do with both my channel and where I want to take it and things off doing these video game related videos, as well as asking for some input on things before I do them. I've always found if you express your thoughts before you put them into action, you generally get an idea of what you want to do, and what eventually, becomes the end result of your ideas.

I've actually been watching a lot of podcasts lately, mainly because I've been wanting to start a new project. I get these bursts of creativity from time to time, happens like twice a year probably, I suppose it's been there since I did my 5th year of secondary school for you UK people like myself or Sophmore year of High School for you American's who can't work out what 5th year is, and it's a great thing to have I've found, keeps me thinking and moving rather than sitting on my ass and letting these potentially amazing ideas pass me up. These podcasts that I've been watching though have really got my brain jogging, with ideas and seeing how much potential we had at one point in my (our) previous project... I don't want to go into that project at all though, but it astounds me just how on the right track we were...

I've took a long break away from doing this, in the process I feel like I let a lot of people down when I stopped doing my videos just abruptly, without any explanation what so-ever and just put everything on hold. Not only that, I feel like I let myself down a little, because now that I've come back to doing these videos and making content and actually putting everything into play again, I realize everything I'm doing and want to do now I could have done this last year, or even the year before if I just capitalized on a lot of things that I want to capitalize on now, and it could have been so much easier back then because everything was untapped, ready for the picking. Now everything is ripe and is starting to be plucked by others... It's now or never I suppose, time to get to work on this before there isn't an opportunity to do this.

I'm not going to go into detail about what I want to do yet, I think I said this up above in another paragraph and I'm just far too lazy to go check, but I'm not the only person involved in this, and I'm not going to give out details of what I want to do, what's going to or not going to happen until it happens. I'm taking a professional standpoint on this, and nothing will be discloused unless unanimously agreed it can be public.

I suppose, from this first blog, you've already realized, I'm the type of person who can type and type and make a novel out of 20 minuets of my own time if given the opportunity. I'm the type of person who has a million ideas running through his mind in a minuet, but never puts them into play unless he really feels the need, the passion and desire to follow them through. Every time I've done it in the past though, it's been successful, so in no way am I doubting myself, but I really need to focus on this idea, because out of everything I've ever done in the past, I've never wanted any of it to work as much as I do this.

Tomorrow I'll probably ramble on about Breaking Bad and how awesome it was a long with more shit that's been going through my mind and what I want to talk about, I'm sure I'll hit more towards the Partnership thing too tomorrow. I don't mind talking about it, people have already made the connection that I'm awaiting my partnership e-mail. I had an adsense account attached to my youtube account from 2009 when my videos were recieving revenue sharing invitations as well as outstanding invitations, so it's slowing the whole process down.

I may also go on to talk about my past videos, the format of what I'm going to go under with my channel from now on, and everything else to follow throughout the rest of the year.

I'll try to keep these blogs a little shorter from now on, unless of course you guys like reading these long ass posts? I don't think I myself, would have the time to read this much crap by just one guy, so if you guys think shorter is better, then tell me. I'm all ears. Always have been, always will be, never gonna change that, even when I'm actually established as a YT partner.

Thanks guys, you're part of the reason I keep doing this YT stuff. :)